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How to use internationalization in DisplayTags

If you don't have any i18n file, follow this link:

if you want create your own DisplayTags, follow this link:

To use internationalization in DisplayTags, do the following:

1) Create your taglib. For example:

2) Flaunt your taglib where are the i18n files. To do that, use

inside your getStringToPrint() method. After that, use

To get the internationalized text.

The first string is the path to your master file, from the application root. loc is the user localeé o locale do usuário, available automagically inside the class.

Master file:



Logging: how to enable and use in 3 easy steps

The Mentawai logging system is very simple and non-intrusive. To use it, follow these steps:

1) Activate the logging system in ApplicationManager:

2) Use:

3) See the logged text in